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Closeup of a board with a retro-fit Dry Erase boardPlanning on replacing old worn chalkboards this school season then here is the OptiMA alternative... The Retro-fit boards. These resurfacing boards come with a 25 Year or Life-time warranty on the writing surfaces and save you big on labor cost. These are custom made based on your board's sizes so all you need to do is screw them into your existing boards frame when it arrives.

Retro-Fit porcelain steel custom fit replacement panelsThe retro fit boards feature Quality P3 Porcelain on 1/4" Hardboard framed in an attractive anodized aluminum trim. And since they are pre-cut to your board size makes resurfacing a 1-2-3 SNAP.

For more information read the installation instructions below. Have any questions? Don't hesitate to pick up the phone and speak with one of our knowledgeable product specialists! Just call 877-410-5578.

All boards ship with narrow pre-drilled aluminum trim and all units must ship by truck.
Boards are available in the following sizes:

Product Code Board Size Price per Board
MI-PR-406RF Up to 48-⅜" x up to 72-⅜" $295.45
MI-PR-408RF Up to 48-⅜" x up to 96-⅜" $365.79
MI-PR-410RF Up to 48-⅜" x up to 120-⅜" $470.90
MI-PR-412RF Up to 48-⅜" x up to 144-⅜" $526.34
MI-PR-416RF Up to 48-⅜" x up to 192-⅜" $725.79
MI-PR-418RF Up to 48-⅜" x up to 216-⅜" $1,073.00
MI-PR-420RF Up to 48-⅜" x up to 240-⅜" $1,073.00
MI-PR-424RF Up to 48-⅜" x up to 288-⅜" $1,185.00 Shopping Cart

Remember that we need to know the exact custom size for each panel that you are ordering when you place your order.

Because each panel is a custom size they are not returnable so please double check your measurements carefully before ordering... Please call our customer Service Advisors for assistance in placing an order: 877-410-5578 or 508-393-2727.

Follow these easy instructions:cross section/installation method of retrofit boards

Measure from the outside of your existing frame, (Oak or aluminum), from left to right. Now from the top of the marker tray to the top outside of the top of the frame. The boards will be cut to your exact measurements and shipped to you by truck.

Apply construction adhesive to the back of the board in golf-ball size amounts every 16" in height and every 24" in length.

Position the new board carefully over the existing board and press firmly in the locations of the adhesive.

Install the self-tapping screws (supplied with the whiteboard) through the pre-drilled holes in the trim.

Clean the board thoroughly before using.

The Result is a newly re-surfaced whiteboard with an excellent writing surface without the cost or labor to remove existing boards or the chance of discovering Asbestos.

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