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Porcelain steel dry erase board skin with peel and stick backing  Porcelain steel dry erase board skin with peel and stick backing

To measure skins for existing boards: Most boards will not be a full 4' in height or a full 4', 6' or 8' in width because of the framing materials used in construction of new boards. To install these skins over existing boards you will want to carefully measure the inside of your existing frame from the top of the marker tray to the inside of the frame on the top of the board for your height. Now measure from the inside of the frame on the left to the inside of your frame on the right for your length. Take measurements at more than one spot in case the existing board is not square and use the smallest measurements so that your panel fits correctly.

Instructions for installing Magnetic Receptive Peel and Stick Porcelain Steel Skins

Installation: Once your new factory pre-cut panels arrive thoroughly clean the old existing surface and test fit the new panels before you remove the peel and stick backing. Remove any existing H-Bars on the existing boards and fill in any holes, etc. Carefully remove the adhesive backing without allowing any dirt or debris to attach to the back of the panel... Keep it clean! Next spray a solution of 50/50 solution of water and alcohol on the surface and on the back of the skin to retard the adhesive just a little. Align skin and press onto old surface. Start at one edge let surface make contact while smoothing out any bubbles. Roll over entire area making sure skin makes complete contact. Peel off protective film from face of skin.

For a finishing touch you may want to apply a small bead of white chalking material around the outside edge of the board to fill in any small gaps or rough edges.

Normal lead-time is about 2-3 weeks to ship from the factory and summer lead-times may be a little longer.

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