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Magnetic Receptive Peel and Stick Porcelain Steel Skins

OptiMA's peel and stick, porcelain steel magnetic receptive skins are available with a white dry erase writing surface or a chalkboard writing surface that comes in both green and black. We offer the skins in either whiteboard dry erase surface (BR-208S) or in a chalkboard writing surface available in green or black (BR-110S). The pricing is the same for either writing surface.

The panels or skins are a full 24 gauge steel with a high temperature, furnace fused porcelain writing surface. There is a self adhesive backing and a clear protective coating on the face of each panel. You can use the full sized panels for different projects or we will custom cut each panel at the factory for you for no additional charges. If you are resurfacing existing dry erase boards or chalkboards you will need to have the skins cut down because the writing surfaces you currently have are not exactly say 4' x 6' but probably more like 46 1/4" x 70 1/4".

You will not be able to cut these panels in the field unless you have a diamond tip saw blade or a shear press. Again, not to worry... we will custom cut your panels at no additional charge. We will need to know the exact size of the panels that you need when you order. To order the exact size simply make a note in the "Comments to Vender" section of the shopping cart. See the installation instructions on how to measure your panels correctly.

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You will find more information on our chalkboard
skins including ordering information.

This is the perfect new solution for white, frameless dry erase boards, full-height walls and resurfacing existing boards. However, the whiteboard material is high gloss and is not a projection quality medium.

Joint where two panels match up side by side with white painted cover bar attachedThere is a white powder coated cover bar with a peel and stick backing to use on the seems of the whiteboard panels and there is a green peel and stick cover bar for the green chalkboard panels. Sorry but we only offer white and green, there is no black chalk strip. You can write on the white self-adhesive strips. The cover strips are sold by the linear foot in lengths up to 8' long.

roller application toolWe also offer the weighted installation roller application tool. You will need a smooth weighted roller to remove all of the air from behind the panels and to insure a secure and snug adherence.

Click here for additional installation and measuring instructions

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