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A low gloss projection surface & dry erase wall coveringOpti-Rite® 5 is a low gloss, dry erase wall covering material that can be written on with a dry erase marker and used as a projection screen at the same time. This type of low gloss dry erase writing surface is perfect for business classrooms and training rooms.

Opti-Rite® 5 is a non-magnetic receptive material that allows you to turn any board or wall into a dry erase surface projection screen. Other Opti-Rite® materials are too glossy to use as a projection surface. Opti-Rite 5 is a low gloss dry erase material with a Teflon® top coat surface.

There are 3 roll options available for Opti-Rite 5. You can order a 50" or 60" wide roll that is installed using an adhesive plus we offer a 50" wide roll with a self-adhesive backing for resurfacing existing chalk or dry erase boards.

50" Wide Pre-cut Lengths* of Opti-Rite® 5 (needs adhesive)

1. The first is the OR5-50 Series which has a non-woven, wall paper backing that requires an adhesive for installation. This material is 50" wide and used for turning any smooth wall or surface into a whiteboard projection surface and it requires the use of a wall paper adhesive to be applied.

Order Code Roll Size Price / Roll
OR5-50-006 50" x 6' Roll $230.00
OR5-50-012 50" x 12' Roll $461.00
OR5-50-025 50" x 25' Roll $928.00
OR5-50-050 50" x 50' Roll $1,856.00
OR5-50-100 50" x 100' Roll $3,592.00 Shopping Cart

50" Wide Pre-cut Lengths* of Opti-Rite® 5 (self adhesive)

2. The second is the OR5-SA Series which is for resurfacing existing smooth boards like older dry erase boards or chalkboards. It is 50" wide and comes with a peel-n-stick self adhesive backing. It sounds tempting but the OR5-SA self adhesive is only for resurfacing existing boards and should not be used on dry walls, etc. The adhesive sets up too strongly and you will badly damage your walls when and if you choose to remove it.

Order Code Roll Size Price / Roll
OR5-SA-006 50" x 6' Roll $280.00
OR5-SA-012 50" x 12' Roll $559.00
OR5-SA-025 50" x 25' Roll $1,126.00
OR5-SA-050 50" x 50' Roll $2,253.00
OR5-SA-100 50" x 100' Roll $4,360.00 Shopping Cart

60" Wide Pre-cut Lengths* of Opti-Rite® 5 (needs adhesive)

3. The final Opti-Rite® 5 is the OR5-60 Series. This is exactly like the ER-50 but it comes in a very popular 60" width instead of the smaller 50". The OR5-60 is our most popular dry erase projection material.

Order Code Roll Size Price / Roll
OR5-60-006 60" x 6' Roll $280.00
OR5-60-012 60" x 12' Roll $559.00
OR5-60-025 60" x 25' Roll $1,126.00
OR5-60-050 60" x 50' Roll $2,253.00
OR5-60-100 60" x 100' Roll $4,360.00 Shopping Cart

Opti-Rite adhesiveOur adhesive is a semi-permanent adhesive. You may damage your dry walls removing the product at a later date. If you are concerned about being able to remove the Opti-Rite® at a later date we suggest using a Heavy Duty Clay or Clear Strippable Adhesive available at any local paint and wall paper outlet. 1 Gallon should cover 200 - 250 square feet of material.

Opti-Rite® Adhesive

Order Code Description Price
97-50000 Semi-Permanent Adhesive
1 U.S. Gallon
97-70000 Semi-Permanent Adhesive
4 U.S. Gallons
175.00 Shopping Cart

Click here for Installation Instructions. After installation you need to wash the surface thoroughly before use. Use a good quality non-abrasive household cleaner like glass cleaner and rinse well with clean water. Dry with a soft towel and be sure material is completely dry before using.

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