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opti-rite easy dry erase wallcoveringOpti-Rite® Easy Economy Dry Erase wall covering. 

Opti-Rite® Easy is a terrific econimocal self adhesive dry erase wall covering that is easy to install and easy to use and best of all it is easy on your wallet!

Opti-Rite® Easy features the top quality writing surface that you our customers have come to expect from the Opti-Rite line of dry erase wall-coverings. The writing surface on Opti-Rite Easy resists ghosting far better than more expensive melamine boards. Order or request a sample today to see for yourself how great this stuff is.

Installation of Opti-Rite® Easy is great too, its self adhesive backing means that all you have to do is peel of the backing and stick it to a clean smooth surface. Unlike many Dry Erase wallpapers out there the is no need for messy pastes or glues.

It is easy to cut with a knife or a pair of scissors which makes it easy to create a dry erase board on your wall in any shape or size that you need. Compare the cost of this material to that of a custom sized board then figure out what you're going to do with all the money that you'll be saving!

Opti-Rite® Easy 50" Wide Precut Rolls

Order Code Size of Roll Price
OTL-EASY-50-004 50 in. x 4 ft. $39.95
OTL-EASY-50-006 50 in. x 6 ft. $59.95
OTL-EASY-50-008 50 in. x 8 ft. $79.95
OTL-EASY-50-010 50 in. x 10 ft. $99.95
OTL-EASY-50-012 50 in. x 12 ft. $119.95
OTL-EASY-50-025 50 in. x 25 ft. $249.95
OTL-EASY-50-050 50 in. x 50 ft. $499.95
OTL-EASY-50-100 50 in. x 100 ft. $799.95
OTL-EASY-50-200 50 in. x 200 ft. $1,599.95 Shopping Cart

Opti-Rite® Easy 60" Wide Precut Rolls

Order Code Size of Roll Price
OTL-EASY-60-004 60 in. x 4 ft. $49.95
OTL-EASY-60-006 60 in. x 6 ft. $74.95
OTL-EASY-60-008 60 in. x 8 ft. $99.95
OTL-EASY-60-010 60 in. x 10 ft. $124.95
OTL-EASY-60-012 60 in. x 12 ft. $149.95
OTL-EASY-60-025 60 in. x 25 ft. $312.45
OTL-EASY-60-050 60 in. x 50 ft. $624.95
OTL-EASY-60-100 60 in. x 100 ft. $999.95
OTL-EASY-60-200 60 in. x 200 ft. $1,999.95 Shopping Cart

Opti-Rite® Easy Sold by the Liner foot

Order Code Width of rolls Price / Foot
OTL-EASY-50 50" $12.95 / ft. - 50" wide
OTL-EASY-60 60" $14.95 / ft. - 60" wide Shopping Cart

pdf Opti-Rite® Easy Installation Instructions.

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