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Opti-Rite Clear LogoOpti-Rite Clear® Self adhesive dry erase wall covering now enables you to cover any smooth painted wall with a dry erase writing surface. This dry Erase wall covering is great in rooms where you wouldn't want a dry erase board to be so obvious of course you can cover a white wall and this is a typical dry erase board but consider the fact that you could cover a painted wall in any color or cover your company's logo the possibilities are truly limitless!

This material comes with an easy peel and stick self adhesive backing that will stick to any smooth non-porous surface so installation is easy and there will be no messy glues to worry about. Opti-Rite Clear in action

Opti-Rite® Clear is an extremely durable and very stain resistant clear dry erase material. In fact Opti-Rite® Clear accepts dry erase markers, washable markers, pens, pencils, crayons and permanent markers. The crayons and permanent markers will come off with isopropyl alcohol and a soft cotton cloth. We recommend that you only use dry erase markers but it is nice to know that the materials can stand up to almost anything.

Opti-Rite® Clear is available in 51" wide rolls in lengths up to 150' long. It all ships by UPS so no expensive trucking fees either. Of course... free samples are always available from our friendly customer service department.

Opti-Rite® Clear Precut 51 Inch Rolls

Order Code Size of Roll Price
ODR-C51-004 51 in. x 4 ft. $75.80
ODR-C51-006 51 in. x 6 ft. $113.70
ODR-C51-008 51 in. x 8 ft. $151.60
ODR-C51-010 51 in. x 10 ft. $189.50
ODR-C51-012 51 in. x 12 ft. $227.40
ODR-C51-025 51 in. x 25 ft. $473.75
ODR-C51-050 51 in. x 50 ft. $922.50
ODR-C51-100 51 in. x 100 ft. $1,795.00
ODR-C51-200 51 in. x 150 ft. $2,642.50 Shopping Cart

Opti-Rite® Clear Sold by the Liner foot

Order Code Width of rolls Price / Foot
ODR-C51-CUS 50" $19.95 / ft. - 50" wide Shopping Cart

pdf Opti-Rite® Lite & Clear Installation Instructions.



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