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Modular magnetic planning kits. Expandable and portable. Click on the image to enlarge.Magnetic calendar board kits from OptiMA Inc. This unique modular system is the most efficient way to manage month by month planning and scheduling.  Rotating the magnetic receptive boards will keep the calendar current and in sequence with minimal effort. Just remove the left-side board at the end of the month and slide the other two boards to the left. Then replace the out of date board back into the system on the right and update the month, etc.

You can color code information and rearrange it quickly using the magnetic data cards and magnetic data card holders included in the set.

Each panel kit is sold individually so you can create a 1,2 or 3 month system or as many months modular planning and scheduling planner calendar as you need.  There are seven columns and five rows on each board plus a space at the top for the month. The panels are available in two sizes of 36" tall x 18" wide or 48" tall x 18" wide. The individual box sizes are 6.5" high x 2.375" wide on the 36" panel and 8.875" tall x 2.375" wide on the 48" tall panel.

Item Code Product Description Price /
MV-CB-3618 36" tall x 18" wide, 100 card holders 1" x 2", 100 card holders
" x 2", 500 data cards for each size
MV-CB-4818 48" tall x 18" wide, 125 card holders 1" x 2", 125 card holders
" x 2", 500 data cards for each size
$364.50 Shopping Cart

Item Code Number of
Panel Kits
Mounting Tracks
Purchased Separately
MV-MT-75-36 For 2 panels You need 36" of Mounting Track $31.73
MV-MT-75-54 For 3 panels You need 54" of Mounting Track $47.59
MV-MT-75-72 For 4 panels You need 72" of Mounting Track $63.45 Shopping Cart

The MT-75 mounting tracks are sold separately in sets (top and bottom). Order the mounting tracks separately from the modular panel kits. If you don't order the mounting tracks with your order then you won't be able to mount your panels.

The panel kits includes; one magnetic receptive, porcelain steel dry erase panel of 18" in width, one set of magnets with the months (abbreviated) , one set of magnets with the days of the week (abbreviated), one set of magnetic numbers (1-31), magnetic data card holders in two sizes of 1" x 2" and " x 2" and 500 data cards in equal quantities of 5 colors.

If you use the 1/2" x 2" data cards you can fit up to 12 events per day on the 36" tall board and up to 18 events per day on the 48" tall board.

If you use the 1" x 2" data cards you can fit up to 6 events per day on the 36" tall boards (CB-3618) and up to 9 events per day on the 48" tall board (CB-4818)

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