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portable free-standing dry erase boards with music staff lines on one or both sidesFree-standing dry erase marker boards with music staff on one side and plain dry erase on the other or music staff on both sides. Our totally redesigned music staff whiteboards or dry erase boards with music staff are perfect for the music room on the move. We know that most of the music rooms have been converted to classrooms or something else so we have made it easier to take the classroom with you.

Aluminum framed, free-standing music staffed whiteboards  The music staff is fused into the porcelain writing surface. The term fused means that the lines are "baked" into the music staff whiteboards during the manufacturing process. These lines will be there for a good long time to come.

The free standing music staff whiteboards are mobile, reversible music marker boards that come with two dry erase boards. One side has a Plain 4'x6' magnetic receptive porcelain steel dry erase board and the other side has the 4'x6' magnetic receptive porcelain steel music staff whiteboard. You can also get both sides with the music staffs. These are available the aluminum frame style only.

Portable Music Staff Boards - On Sale!

BR-RAMS-46C-1- 4' x 6' Free-Standing aluminum framed unit with magnetic receptive, dry erase boards with fused music staff lines on porcelain steel magnetic dry erase boards. Choose between music staff on one side or on both sides. 

Item Number Board Size Price
BR-RAMS-46C-1 Music Staff on One Side
and Whiteboard on the Other
BR-RAMS-46C-2 Music Staff on Both Sides $950.00 Shopping Cart

Portable dry erase boards with music staff units are equipped with the unique double pin locking mechanism that ensures the board stays firm while you write and will not flip over until you want it to! All units also equipped with four casters, two locking and two free-wheeling for the music professionals on the move!

Music Staff Lines: There are 5 Lines each staff with 1" between each line. 5" between each set of staffs and 3" border at top and bottom. Line thickness is 1/16".

We accept school purchase orders. Orders can be faxed into our office at 508-393-6688 or you can call your order into our helpful sales staff toll free at 877-410-5578.

All boards must be inspected fully upon delivery. Do not allow anyone to sign for the delivery unit it has been fully inspected. Refuse any damaged boards immediately and notify us at OptiMA. We will ship you a replacement board at no charge as long as you open and inspect your boards for damages.

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