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These chalkboard skins are a 24 gauge porcelain on steel, black or green chalkboard panel with a strong peel-n-stick backing. The adhesive on these skins is extremely strong once it sets up. Removing them from dry walls will require extensive repair to the dry wall surface. However, being a porcelain steel panel, the writing surface will last for a very long time and should not need to be replaced and they do make an excellent chalkboard wall!

These chalkboard skins make an excellent replacement surface for old worn out chalkboards. We custom cut each panel to match your existing board dimensions at the factory for a perfect fit every time. The pricing on the peel-n-stick skins below shows that we can cut the height of the board from 48" down to what ever height you may need and we offer different length skins up to 12'. You can butt two or more panels up tightly together and we also offer a green painted T-trim. Sorry but we only offer the T-trim molding in either the white dry erase or a green chalkboard color. There is no black. Use the comments box found in the shopping cart during check out to tell us what sizes you need your panels. Click here for additional installation and measuring instructions.

Stock# Panel Size Price
BR-110S-402 Up to 2' High x Up to 4' W
(8 Sq. Feet - Minimum Charge for this size or smaller)*
BR-110S-403 Up to 4' H x Up to 3' W $95.00
BR-110S-404 Up to 4' H x Up to 4' W $126.00
BR-110S-406 Up to 4' H x Up to 6' W $189.00
BR-110S-408 Up to 4' H x Up to 8' W $252.00
BR-110S-410 Up to 4' H x Up to 10' W $315.00
BR-110S-412 Up to 4' H x Up to 12' W $378.00 Shopping Cart

Stock# Weighted Application Tool Price
BR-545 Peel-N-Stick Installation Roller Application Tool $66.00 Shopping Cart

roller application toolWe also offer the weighted installation roller application tool. You will need a smooth weighted roller to remove all of the air from behind the panels and to insure a secure and snug adherence. Click here for additional installation and measuring instructions

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