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Unframed, porcelain steel, magnetic chalkboard panels for the best chalkboard writing surface available. These are a 28 gauge porcelain steel, magnetic receptive chalkboard panels laminated to a 1/2" particle board and protected with a Mylar vapor barrier backing. These chalkboard panels are the exact same materials that we use in our best OptiMA magnetic chalkboards and they come in either a Green or Black writing surface color.

All of these panels are rough cut and have rough, uneven edges and they are meant to be framed. You cannot install this type of chalkboard panel without some type of frame. In addition, porcelain steel, magnetic chalkboard panels cannot be cut in the field without a diamond tip blade or a sheer press. The porcelain surface may chip and splinter.

Custom cut panels cost an additional 25% and can be ordered through our customer service staff at 877-410-5578.  If you need custom cut panels you may also want to check out our magnetic Peel-N-Stick Chalkboard Panels which we customize for no additional fees.

Code Number Product Description Price/
MI-UR-304-00 (K5) or (K8) 3' x 4'  Ships Truck $139.03
MI-UR-406-00 (K5) or (K8) 4' x 6'  Ships Truck $233.38
MI-UR-408-00 (K5) or (K8) 4' x 8'  Ships Truck $280.55
MI-UR-410-00 (K5) or (K8) 4' x 10' Ships Truck $367.45
MI-UR-412-00 (K5) or (K8) 4' x 12'  Ships Truck $441.93
MI-UR-416-00 (K5) or (K8) 4' x 16'  Ships Truck $595.03 Shopping Cart

Please note: The lead time for unframed panels to ship is typically two weeks.


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