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Are your whiteboards or chalkboards in serious need of replacement? Don't throw them away! Re-Use them! Now you have viable options to simply resurface your worn out boards with a new dry erase writing surface.

Whiteboards Etc offers a number of different ways to resurface existing worn and tired whiteboards or chalkboards or to resurface smooth office walls to create full-height or full-length dry erase walls.

Opti-Rite dry erase wall coverings

Opti-RiteŽ Dry erase wall coverings

Available in a number of styles. Depending on your needs we believe we have a solution for you. This is the easiest and most cost efficient way to resurface a board.

porcelain steel magnetic receptive replacement dry erase skins

Self Adhesive Peel & Stick Skins

Self-adhesive, magnetic receptive porcelain steel skins are an easy way to resurface existing worn chalkboards and whiteboards. Comes in either dry erase or chalk board in black and green.

Retro-fit magnetic dry erase surface.

Porcelain Steel Retro-Fit Replacement Panels

Fully framed boards are custom designed to mount on top of your existing boards. The aluminum trim has pre-drilled installation holes and mounting hardware.

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