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Non-Magnetic, High Pressure Laminate or HPL whiteboardsRiteOn whiteboards are an excellent alternative to the more expensive Porcelain Steel whiteboards and much better quality and value than the cheaper Melamine whiteboards available on the market.

RiteOn whiteboards have a non-magnetic receptive writing surfaces. Their writing surface has a 10 year warranty against ghosting or staining.

The boards come trimmed in a satin anodized aluminum frame with matching marker trays.

These boards are a great option of you don't feel that you would need the added durability and magnetic receptiveness of our porcelain steel dry erase boards.


Aluminum Frame RiteOn Marker Boards

Code Size Ship
GR-RiteOn-182 18" x 24" UPS $30.95
GR-RiteOn-218 24" x 18" UPS $30.95
GR-RiteOn-202 24" x 24" UPS $32.95
GR-RiteOn-203 2' x 3' UPS $49.95
GR-Rite-On-302 3' x 2' UPS $49.95
GR-RiteOn-304 32" x 45" UPS $89.95
GR-RiteOn-403 45" x 32" UPS $89.95
GR-RiteOn-404 4' x 4' Truck $149.95
GR-RiteOn-405 4' x 5' Truck $199.95
GR-RiteOn-406 4' x 6' Truck $219.95
GR-RiteOn-408 4' x 8' Truck $239.95 Shopping Cart

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