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horizontal sliding dry erase boardsOptiMA's horizontal sliding dry erase boards or multi-panel dry erase boards are present in schools, colleges,  businesses and military bases throughout the nation. These horizontal sliding boards are engineered to last a very long time because of the quality materials used in the production and the superb craftsmanship that goes into every multi-panel system. Horizontal sliders are the educator's choice making these units the perfect classroom dry erase boards.

*Horizontal sliding dry erase boards and chalkboards are a little taller than 48" tall and will be slightly wider than stated because of the framing and mounting brackets, etc. The fixed back panels are approximately 48" tall but the sliding panels are only approximately 42" tall.

Multi-panel dry erase boards come with a factory installed 2" map railing and a full-length marker tray. The normal lead-time for our custom made horizontal sliders is about 4-6 weeks to ship from the factory. Due to excessive volumes summer lead-times can be more.

Stock #  Tracks Panels Approximate
Panel Size
Price / Unit
4' x 8' WP-HSW-408-22 2 2 42" x 48" $2,195.00
4' x 8' WP-HSW-408-33 3 3 42" x 48" $2,931.00
4' x 10' WP-HSW-410-22 2 2 42" x 60" $2,689.00
4' X 10' WP-HSW-410-33 3 3 42" x 60" $3,309.00
4' x 12' WP-HSW-412-22 2 2 42" x 72" $3,055.00
4' x 12' WP-HSW-412-33 3 3 42" x 72" $4,485.00
4' x 14' WP-HSW-414-24 2 4 42" x 42" $3,531.00
4' x 14' WP-HSW-414-36 3 6 42" x 42" $4,273.00
4' x 16' WP-HSW-416-24 2 4 42" x 48" $3,847.00
4' x 16' WP-HSW-416-36 3 6 42" x 48" $4,887.00
4' x 18' WP-HSW-418-24 2 4 42" x 54" $4,153.00
4' x 18' WP-HSW-418-36 3 6 42" x 54" $5,440.00
4' x 20' WP-HSW-420-24 2 4 42" x 60" $4,562.00
4' x 20' WP-HSW-420-36 3 6 42" x 60" $5,755.00
4' x 24' WP-HSW-424-24 2 4 42" x 72" $5,155.00
4' x 24' WP-HSW-424-36 3 6 42" x 72" $6,391.00 Shopping Cart

Plas-Cork tackboard colors availableOur multi-panel horizontal sliding boards come in a variety of options and we offer multiple surfaces for you to choose from. You can have porcelain steel, magnetic receptive dry erase boards or magnetic chalkboards in green or black as a writing surface. You can have a colored Plas-Cork tack surfaces instead of a writing surface. Plas-Cork is one of the best tack surface available on the market because it won't split, crack, peel or dry out like regular cork. You might even want any combination of these options for your horizontal slider. That is why you can't just call our boards horizontal sliding dry erase boards.

Our horizontal sliding boards have a fixed back panel. On that will be at least two tracks for other panels to run left to right upon. These panels normally will equal the size of the fixed back panel when one is pulled to the right and one is pulled to the left completely covering the fixed back panel. For example a 4x8 Horizontal Slider Unit will have a 4x8 fixed back panel and then two sliders of 48" wide so that when one panel is positioned to the left and the other is positioned to the right, together they cover the back panel completely.

All of our horizontal sliding boards are custom made to fit your specifications and size requirements. These units cannot be returned. Please call customer service toll free to work up a quote to fit your needs. Toll Free 877-410-5578.

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