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Composition chalkboards make excellent restaurant menus boards, kitchen chalkboards or chalkboards for the kids!The Composition chalkboards are by far our most popular and most economical chalkboards. This is the chalkboard that is ordered most by restaurants and market trade for menu boards and store signs. The most popular chalkboards selected are the black with oak trim and trays.

These are economical, two-coat, painted chalkboards that are available with either a green or black writing surface. Standard Composition Chalkboards or blackboards are great for restaurants, especially with the oak trim. The composition chalkboards are also the best choice for home use. This is a two coat painted surface that creates the perfect economy chalk board. The restaurants choice of chalk board is the oak framed unit in the color black.

Aluminum Framed Economy Chalkboards

Board Size Shipping
MI-AS-182 18" x 24" UPS $29.22
MI-AS-203 24" x 36" UPS $40.90
MI-AS-304 33 " x 45 " UPS $67.62
MI-AS-404 4' x 4' Truck $137.74
MI-AS-406 4' x 6' Truck $163.62
MI-AS-408 4' x 8' Truck $200.35
MI-AS-410 4' x 10' Truck $267.97
MI-AS-412 4' x 12' Truck $298.85 Shopping Cart

Oak Framed Economy Chalkboards

Board Size Shipping
MI-WS-182 18" x 24" UPS $33.39
MI-WS-203 24" x 36" UPS $50.09
MI-WS-304 33 " x 45 " UPS $71.79
MI-WS-404 4' x 4' Truck $162.78
MI-WS-406 4' x 6' Truck $188.66
MI-WS-408 4' x 8' Truck $224.56
MI-WS-410 4' x 10' Truck $352.28
MI-WS-412 4' x 12' Truck $387.34 Shopping Cart

All normally ship in 10-12 working days. Summer lead-times may be slightly longer.

All of the composition chalkboards ship standard with a full-length chalk tray and the installation hardware. You can have the chalkboards customized without the wooden chalk trays for an extra 25% but the trays are actually quite handsome. All of the chalkboards over 33 1/2" x 45 1/2" must ship by truck. The chalkboards 33 1/2" x 45 1/2" and smaller can ship by UPS.

Please note that these chalkboards are not recommended for use on damp walls or in high moisture areas. If you can't find what you need, call our toll free consultant's hotline at 866-366-1500 for assistance.

If your chalkboards are 4' high x 4' long or larger then that chalkboard must ship by truck.

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