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Write on, wipe off colored magnetic ribbon in 50' rolls that you cut with a paper cutter or shears.Magnetic colored ribbons allow you to accessorize your Magnetic Whiteboard and turn it into a Magnetic Planning Board! With colored magna ribbon you can Write-On & Wipe-Off with a Wet Cloth!

Colored Magnetic Ribbon is used on any steel or magnetic whiteboard, magnetic chalkboard, magnetic calendar or planner, file cabinet, inventory storage racks or other place that may need a label.  Different colors allow you to create color code charts, graphs or projects.

Note: Use Damp Erase Markers only... Dry Erase Markers will not erase off of this material. Use a damp erase marker because you don't want to use something that will wipe off accidentally... you want to have to use a damp cloth to remove it intentionally.

ModelRoll Size Cost / Roll
MV-MR-50-3 3/8" x 50' $42.50
MV-MR-50-4 1/2" x 50' $50.00
MV-MR-50-5 5/8" x 50' $55.00
MV-MR-50-6 3/4" x 50' $65.00
MV-MR-50-7 7/8" x 50' $70.00
MV-MR-50-8 1" x 50' $75.00
MV-MR-50-16 2" x 50' $125.00
MV-MR-50-24 3" x 50' $175.00 Shopping Cart

Don't forget to order your Damp Erase Markers too. Only damp erase markers will erase off of the magna ribbon materials. Dry erase markers will not come off. Order below.

Description Cost
MV-PM-7 Black Bullet Point Damp Erase Markers Sold Each $2.95 ea.
MV-PM-5 Blue Bullet Point Damp Erase Markers Sold Each $2.95 ea.
MV-PM-6 Green Bullet Point Damp Erase Markers Sold Each $2.95 ea.
MV-PM-3 Red Bullet Point Damp Erase Markers Sold Each $2.95 ea. Shopping Cart

damp erase markers Write on Magna-Ribbon with damp erase markers only... dry erase markers will not erase from Magna-Ribbon!

Colored Magnetic Ribbon from allows you the flexibility to quickly and easily change data in seconds.

This colored magnetic ribbon is available in 10 Colors: Choose Your Color: White(W), Yellow(Y), Red(R), Blue(BL), Green(G), Black(BK), Orange(O), Silver(S). Click on the smaller image above for a closer look.

Colored magnetic ribbon in the 50' full rolls are available in 8 widths of  ⅜". ". ⅝",  ", ⅞", 1", 2" and 3" wide.

Colored Magna-Ribbon from comes in 10 colors and 8 different widths. Colored magnetic ribbon in 50' rolls allows you to create your own scheduling board on your porcelain on steel dry erase board or chalkboard and easily cut each strip to your own size needs. With these colored magnetic strips you can move information around instantly and easily. Customize your work schedules, calendars, planning boards, etc.

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