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Classroom Tough Visual Communication Tools

A classroom is a demanding environment for a dry erase board, oftentimes dry erase boards wear and stop erasing in schools quicker than in other settings. Typically teachers use they whiteboard daily and some use it all day every day.

The high amount of use combined with the constant cleaning of these boards makes the durability of a dry erase board that much more important in our schools.

When an inferior whiteboard is heavily used it eventually stops erasing and then fails to function for its intended purpose at this point it needs to be replaced and the money you initially saved buying the cheap whiteboard is gone.

That is where we come in, the following is a selection of the best and most durable whiteboards best suited for classroom use. These boards will keep erasing clean semester after semester, year after year guaranteed!

The boards all feature magnetic receptive porcelain steel writing surfaces, they are scratch resistant, will always erase clean and as a nice bonus, they double as a magnetic bulletin board!

This year get a quality dry erase board; Next year figure out what to do with the extra money you won't be spending replacing your whiteboard again!
magnetic dry erase boards
Aluminum Framed 4'
Magnetic Dry Erase Boards

Music Staff Lined Dry Erase Boards
Music Staff
Dry Erase Boards

Retro-fit magnetic dry erase surface.
Retro-fit Resurfacing
free standing dry erase boards with aluminum trim
Free-standing Portable
dry erase lapboard case of 24

Student Lapboards

Combonation whiteboards

Combonation Boards


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