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chalk boardsYou've come to the right place for your chalkboards. Today we can offer you chalkboards in three different grades of writing surfaces. We offer chalkboards for schools, a chalkboard for home and chalkboards for the office all at the right price. Your chalkboard your way.

Following are three options or grades of chalkboards. The Steel-Rite magnetic chalkboards are the same chalkboard specified in new construction for schools. It has an excellent chalkboard writing surface that is magnetic receptive and it should last for about 50 years. The HPL chalkboard is a high pressure laminate green chalkboard writing surface. HPL chalkboards are only available with a green surface. It doesn't have the magnetic capabilities but it is considerably less expensive than the porcelain steel chalkboards. The HPL chalkboards should last for about 20 years. The composition chalkboards are probably the most common and most popular chalkboards. This is a two coat, baked enamel painted surface that has an economical price. This is an excellent children's chalkboard and is also extremely popular for restaurant or retail signage.

Magnetic chalkboards
Magnetic Chalkboards
non-magnetic chalkboards
Composition Chalkboards

Magnetic chalk boards are used mostly in schools and businesses but the smaller units with oak frames make for great kitchen chalkboards for home use.. These replaced the old fashioned slate chalk boards and these chalk boards will last for about 50 years because of the porcelain on steel writing surface. Not only is this chalkboard magnetic but they are much less dusty compared to other chalk boards on the market.

The Composition chalkboards These are our most economical and still our most popular chalkboards. The composition painted chalkboard is the favorite of the restaurant and market trade for menu boards and store signs. Black is the favored color for these chalkboards and oak is the preferred trim.

Of course, if you can't find the chalkboard that you need, call our toll free consultant's hotline at 877-410-5578 for assistance. We'll help you select the chalkboards that are just right for you and your budget.

 Please feel free to call our customer service desk toll free @ 877-410-5578 for details.

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